【Notice of Capital and Business Alliance, June 30, 2022】
iLand6 Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan announced today the sale of shares to ACA Inc., a leading private equity firm from the Daiwa Securities group, operating in Japan and Asia.

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About iLand6

For more than 20 years, iLand6 has been providing innovative core technologies to Japanese companies, with a focus on Israeli networking products.

Our products have been adopted by major telecommunication companies and others via major SI companies and OEM partners.

We will continue to contribute to corporate innovation by providing cutting-edge solutions such as IoT with our rich “experience” and “knowledge.

iLand6 Products Handled


RTLS/Wi-Fi/IoT location detection “AeroScout” is a solution that enables the acquisition and collection of location detection of people, objects, and assets in real time.


In addition to adaptable receive and transmit channels, the satellite communications platform is equipped with high-speed modulation and advanced error correction capabilities.


This is an outdoor location management solution that utilizes the LPWA protocol and has developed an algorithm that uses network data transmission to estimate location information.


Two-way broadcast radio for audio and video.


NoviSign is a cloud-based digital signage solution that allows easy drag-and-drop content creation.


PacketLight enables 96 wavelengths to be matched to a single fiber, supporting long-haul and metro applications with capacities of 100G/200G/400G per wavelength.


RADWIN is a wireless broadband network capable of long-distance network transmission of up to 40 km for point-to-point communication and up to 20 km for point-to-multipoint communication.


The RT is a helium balloon capable of stable video recording even at wind speeds of 20m/s and monitoring the ground from a maximum altitude of 300m. It has been installed and operated all over the world.


Siklu is an outdoor point-to-point wireless communication device that uses millimeter wave technology. Siklu is used in many applications such as surveillance camera solutions, inter-building and campus communications, and disaster countermeasures.