HOOPO trackers have been installed on cargo dollies at several Japanese airports to enable GPS-based location management.

The device support outdoor tracking for more than two years with standard AA batteries.  They makes use of low-cost LTE-M and LPWA infrastructure to collect data, and a standard REST API interface to facilitate real-time analytics.

  • Accurate & reliable tracking (Interchanging geolocation and connectivity protocols)

  • Unprecedented battery life – up to 10 years (with 6xAA off-the-shelf batteries)

  • Durable & rugged (IP69K, proven to withstand harsh environments)

  • Wide global coverage (LTE-M / NB-IoT / 2G)

  • Fast installation (up and running in minutes)

  • Adaptive tracking configuration (fits any operational need)

  • BLE Gateway (Enabling add-on wireless sensing)

  • Asset availability monitoring (load detection)

  • Tamper detection

  • Accurate power monitoring (based on actual usage)

  • Zero maintenance