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#63, Ring out the Old, Ring in the New

August arrives and vegetation starts to dry out, preparing to wither in the autumn. 
National industries have their heyday too, and face challenges as their markets dry out.
Now the sun is shining on digital device stars like Samsung and Apple - but which industries are getting hung out in the sun?
Obviously “feature phones” are one of them. In Japan, Sony is adapting to the smart phone race, but others like NEC and Sharp are falling short.
Car navigation systems have been a mainstay Japanese industry, and not long ago they aspired to become the vehicle’s “communication and entertainment hub”. But now the smartphone or tablet looks like a better bet for the coming generation of drivers - see TIME article. The car navigation industry may find itself squeezed between big auto makers and big phone manufacturers.
Japan has long led the video game industry, and the market for gaming is certainly not going to shrink. But the future gaming device won’t be a $350 box that just does games. It may be a stick connected to the TV, a tablet in the user’s hands, an open-source device, a broadcast streamer.   Companies like Nintendo have survived and thrived not because they make good consoles but because they understand people and gaming. They need to keep doing that, while also keeping an open mind.

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