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#69 CyberDANGER!

Tokyo was quite nervous about cyber threats, even before the Sony Pictures hacking incident. With China and North Korea flanking its borders, the only safe haven sometimes looks like the sea.
Recently the Japan Times reported on 140 email exploits sent to specific employees in power utilities and defense companies. Probably, the unreported number is more like 14,000.
The warming relations of Japan and Israel may be more than good chemistry between PM Abe and PM Netanyahu.  In the two countries’ joint communique of May 2014, “Both sides confirmed the necessity of cooperation in the field of cyber security and expressed their expectation to hold talks...”  This was not just rhetoric - the First Dialogue on Cyber Issues between Japan and Israel kicked off in November.
Aside from lack of core expertise, one point that has hampered Japan’s cyber efforts has been a proliferation of governmental bodies with conflicting or overlapping responsibilities.  However, Japan seems to be taking a cue from the U.S. and Israel, bringing NISC ( National Information Security Center)front-and-center as central coordinating body.
Ironically, one element playing to Japan’s advantage in the cyber war is the lateness of its critical infrastructures to adopt modern open architectures. Banks are far away from cloud computing; electric power companies still use dedicated lines rather than IT networks. Poor for efficiency, but maybe lucky for cyber defense.

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