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#65, Shared Houses

One recent trend in Japan is Shared Houses.
A Shared House has individual residential units, but many facilities are shared by the residents. Shared facilities may include living/relaxation space, a nice public bath, kitchen facilities, guest rooms, workout room, etc.
Foreigners in Japan short-term (1-18 months) have long lived in “gaijin houses” that provide common facilities, social support, and avoidance of heavy deposit/keymoney typical of Japanese rental contracts.
Now, the trend has gone mainstream, appealing to specific population segments such as young adults, senior citizens, single mothers, as well as the general population. There are even houses for professional interest, artistic inclination, no smoking, women only, etc.
Some of the reasons for this trend.
  • Family dynamics: although Japan’s total population is decreasing, the number of households is increasing.
  • Increasing urbanization, and its social isolation
  • More independent seniors - shift from extended family, and longer lifespan
  • Economic: residents enjoy facilities they could not afford in a lone unit.
Such a trend can impact services and businesses in Japan, far beyond real estate.

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