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Japan’s current Abenomics is based on three Arrows, or phases of action:
  1 Aggressive monetary easing
  2 Large-scale fiscal stimulus
  3 Structural reform
Phases 1 and 2 were implemented quickly, and provided a sugar rush to the economy during 2013.  But, most pundits in the Western press have been skeptical the 3rd arrow will be shot soon, strong, or at all.  The thought is that structural reform costs political capital, and the ruling LDP will be reticent to step on the toes of its vested interests.
That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to hear a different story when I met my old friend Naoki Satomi. Satomi-san is VP and CTO of Net Research, Inc, a boutique consultancy focused on Japan’s electric utility field.  “The current government is making aggressive preparations for reform of the energy field”, he told me.  “Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) has been under control of the national government since the Tohoku earthquake and subsequent Fukushima nuclear crisis.  The government is using this leverage to push a reform agenda.   This will include detachment of energy power generation from electricity transmission and distribution, and broad implementation of Smart Grid demanding new approaches to IT infrastructure.  All 10 of Japan’s regional power utilitities have decided to deploy smart meters to a total of 80 million households by 2024.”
The 3rd arrow may yet soar!
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