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I visited a venture incubator in Tokyo recently. I was impressed by the Quantity of inititiatives, about 80 start-ups in the past 2-3 years out of this loft facility. The Substance didn’t blow me away – mostly small mobile commerce and social ventures – things like mobile-based parking solutions, photo sharing, etc.  But the overriding impression – a lot of young people are willing to try.
The visit popped into my mind a week later while attending a meeting of Israel companies’ Japan-based management, organized by the very able Economic Minister of the Israel Embassy Eitan Kuperstoch on the occasion of the visit to Japan of Amir Lang, new Director-General of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.  The discussion got around to innovation, and the consensus of the group was that an enterprising spirit is developing among young Japanese. The limiting factor is availability of real venture capital - traditionally Japanese “VC’s” have focused on late-stage or pre-IPO, and little capital is allocated to the real risk stage.  
Israel’s VC industry has had a lot of success developing ventures in Israel, but so far the “template” has been to raise money from Israel & overseas, and flow it into Israel ventures. The feeling of the group is that a more polymorphous approach is needed, going forward. Israel’s experienced VC’s may be able to help mentor Japanese venture industry, and at the same time finally crack the hard nut of Israel-Japan technology collaboration.
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