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Satellite-based LTE Backhaul

Gilat Satellite Networks was a pioneer of Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) for satellite-based phone and data communications. iLand6 has represented Gilat in Japan since 2001. Gilat’s 3rd generation system Sky Star Advantage was adopted in Japan by the likes of JSAT, KDDI, and NTT.

In the 2010’s, as use of data in mobile networks exploded, carriers searched for effective high-throughput backhaul solutions when fiber is unavailable or uneconomical. At this time, Gilat was creating new tunneling technology to accelerate satellite-based data transmission towards 200 Mbps, and eventually beyond. It found the earliest demand for such solution in Japan, a major data consuming country.

In February 2016, Gilat and Softbank announced their new high-speed LTE Services, using the SkyEdge II-c Capricorn VSAT network. Other Japanese operators soon followed. Aside from daily backhauling tasks, such a satellite communication system provides a resilient recovery system in event of disaster such as earthquake or tsunami.

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