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From cellphone to bar-code scanner

It all started in 2002 with the Japanese network carriers (NTT DoCoMO, J-Phone) handset makers (Panasonic, NEC, SHARP), and a number of service companies (Denso, MediaSeek, 3GVision) collaborating to create innovative uses for the new cameras in mobile phones. Their favorite idea was an idea to turn a camera phone into a barcode scanner, delivering encoded information - including URLs that could connect direct to the mobile internet.

QR codes - The style of barcode that was adopted is called QR (short for Quick Response) and five short years later, QR codes are recognized by over 90% of Japanese mobile users - and used by over 50% of them - for fast and easy access on the move to encoded information on the internet.

More people in Japan now surf the web from a mobile phone than from a PC and QR codes are found everywhere - in advertising and promotional materials, on product packaging and vending machines - to deliver "Quick Response".
The Japan Story - 3Gvision's barcode reader, now called i-nigma was developed to be pre-installed in handsets supplied by all of Japan's major mobile manufacturers - in collaboration with them - to the specification of the Japanese network operators. As a result, this barcode reader has become the standard for camera phones in Japan - in over 80 million handsets, with over 90% market share - creating a marketplace phenomenon that the rest of the world is now embracing.
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